Games are awesome. Let's use them to make the world awesome too.

Our vision: Millions of gamers fix the world by making micro-donations to the most effective charities through in-game item purchases


Let’s balance this game


Imagine a multiplayer game. Players spawn at random locations. Some players start with high level equipment and easy quests that get them tons of money. Other players start without any money or equipment, surrounded by countless enemies, and are usually killed before they can level up.

This game probably wouldn’t make it out of beta without some serious changes. But the real world doesn’t have developers who get paid to work on which bugs to patch. There’s just us, the other players. Unfair games suck, let’s balance this one.


Micro-donations through in-game item purchases


GoodGamer's goal is to allow you to make micro-donations through in-game purchases in all games. So you'll be making the world a better place by buying hats, armor, pets, and weapons for your favourite games. You will even be able to choose which charity to support by picking a certain type of item. Buy a pet and support an animal welfare charity. Buy a golden Desert Eagle and support a, well..., we'll have to think about that. We know you're already spending too much money on hats and guns. Soon you can do it for a good cause.

Our first target is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. We are collaborating with 3D artists who create skins for CS:GO and are willing to donate between 25% and 100% of their share to the [charities GoodGamer supports]. Our first skins are now in the workshop and you can [vote for them] to increase the probability that Valve implements it in the game:


We’re working hard to bring micro-donations through in-game item purchases to more games soon - stay tuned!


Effectiveness: Being good at games is being effective at using the means at your disposal

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Many games are about using your limited resources wisely, be it money, mana, time, or even the player's limited concentration. Having plenty of resources is not enough, you also need to use them well. You have mastered a game when you have learned to use your resources to the greatest effect.

It is only natural that gamers apply the same rational approach to fixing the real world. We want you to be able to choose between four different categories of charities. Think of picking one as deciding how to spend your resources in a real-time strategy game. Do you want to produce units directly (donating money to poverty alleviation or animal welfare & climate change) or advance the tech-tree (meta-charities or far-future & research)? Where will they have the greatest possible positive impact?


Help us make it happen


This is a community project - we are gamers and [indie game developers] ourselves. And we need the help of the gaming community to get GoodGamer going. You can help us by

  • voting for [GoodGamer skins] in the steam workshop and asking your Steam friends to do the same.
  • spreading the word – like our page, tell others, post it on reddit, etc.
  • getting in touch with us if you’re a 3D artist, a game developer, play for an e-sports team or work in the gaming industry in any way – we’d love to chat with you!

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