Micro-donations through in-game item purchases


GoodGamer's goal is to allow you to make micro-donations through in-game purchases in all games. So you'll be making the world a better place by buying hats, armor, pets, and weapons for your favourite games. You will even be able to choose which charity to support by picking a certain type of item. Buy a pet and support an animal welfare charity. Buy a golden Desert Eagle and support a, well..., we'll have to think about that. We know you're already spending too much money on hats and guns. Soon you can do it for a good cause.

Our first target is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. We are collaborating with 3D artists who create skins for CS:GO and are willing to donate between 25% and 100% of their share to the [charities GoodGamer supports]. Our first skins are now in the workshop and you can [vote for them] to increase the probability that Valve implements it in the game:


We’re working hard to bring micro-donations through in-game item purchases to more games soon - stay tuned!